The Project

In mid-2014, both "Digitallofice" and "curvadigital" started, with the main purpose to spread and encourage the use of Open Source software, and GNU/Linux systems.

The Digitallofice project, begun essencially by Alfredo's passion for the GNU/Linux world. Initially, it was only to be maintained on spare time, but since it started, Digitallofice as reached a much larger number of readers and followers, and as required more attention and time to the project.

Support and Advertising

"Digitallofice" doesn't have a sponsor or advertising agreements, and will be maintained that way.
Although, if you want to offer a cup of coffee, just click on PayPal Link.


Alfredo F.
@PT_Alfred | +Alfred F

I am a technology enthusiast, and passionate about the GNU/Linux world. I have a multifaceted approach to the news, blending analysis, research and design. At the moment I'm publishing on curvadigital, Digitallofice and FeedDig blogs. On my free time, I like to make very long walks and to listen to music, especially if it's Jazz.

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